Equine dentistry is an important aspect of horse health and a special area of interest at LaSalle Equine Clinic. Our doctors have attended continuing education courses to gain advanced training in the treatment of dental malocclusions, periodontal disease and endodontics. They conduct a five-step comprehensive examination before every dental procedure including the use of an intra-oral mirror or camera and dental explorer to evaluate every surface of every tooth.

High resolution digital x-rays are available when needed to evaluate the condition of the reserve crown and tooth roots. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of oral pain in the horse. Cavities of the infundibula, located in the center of the upper teeth, are the leading cause of tooth fractures bringing about tooth root, infections and tooth loss. We are passionate about equine dentistry and welcome the opportunity to make a positive difference in the performance, quality of life and the longevity of your horse through annual dental examinations and appropriate dental therapeutics.

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  • "Phenomenal veterinarians and excellent service! I appreciated the care the vets and technicians took for each and every one of my animals. Their attention to detail and concern for the well being of my stock was much appreciated."
    Jamel Perkins / Gilham

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