Our goal is to partner with owners and trainers to maximize the performance of their equine athletes. We do this by accurately identifying both clinical lameness and subtle issues that may not be readily apparent but still effect performance. Most soundness issues are not from one problem. The interplay of the horse’s four limbs and axial skeleton present a complex domino effect when one part is hurting and other areas compensate. Lameness diagnosis and treatment is both science and art requiring a keen eye, precise diagnostic anesthetic techniques, high resolution imaging and state of the art treatment modalities.

New lameness treatment options include stem cell therapy, interleukin 1 receptor antagonist (IRAP) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)and Pro-stride. Digitally guided delivery techniques have improved our ability to administer these treatments directly into injured tissues to get horses back to work quicker and reduce the number of repeat injuries. Navicular disease continues to be a leading cause of lameness in the western performance horse. New treatment modalities like OsPhos and digitally guided navicular bursa injections have improved treatment response in this challenging condition.

We are excited to introduce our new Vet Rocket Digital X Ray. It's rugged exterior and portable design make it easy and conveniant for both in hospital appointments and farm calls. 



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  • "Phenomenal veterinarians and excellent service! I appreciated the care the vets and technicians took for each and every one of my animals. Their attention to detail and concern for the well being of my stock was much appreciated."
    Jamel Perkins / Gilham

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