Our LEC team is committed to exceeding our equine and livestock clients expectations by delivering exceptional service and best in class individualized veterinary care.  We are also passionate about community leadership and educational services. 

We are a full service veterinary group available to play a role in the production and management of livestock in and around the Flathead Valley. We not only offer day-to-day health care of individual animals, but also extensive health packages to ensure overall well-being of your herd or flock.

Dr. Laura Johnston has experience in cow-calf, feedlot, stocker/backgrounding, and small ruminant medicine. No herd is too large or small; our goal is to tailor our services to the individual needs of your operation. 

Bull Services Include:

  • Breeding Soundness Examination (Bull Testing)
  • Frozen Semen Evaluation
  • Lameness Treatment and Hoof Trimming
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Breeding Injury Repair
  • Breeding Management Consultation
  • Steer and Heifer Services

Breeding Management and Estrus Synchronization

  • Growth Implants/promotants
  • Brucellosis (Bang’s) Vaccination
  • Surgical Procedures

Cow/Calf Services:

  • Reproductive Ultrasound
  • Breeding Management and Estrus Synchronization
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis (Via Ultrasound or Palpation)
  • Dystocia and C-Section
  • Neonatal Medicine

Dairy Service:

  • Surgical Procedure
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis via Ultrasound

General Bovine Services:

  • Cattle Handling Education
  • Veterinary Inspection and Health Certificates
  • Dehorning, Castration, and other Surgical Procedures
  • Nutrition Consultation and Feedstuff Analysis
  • Necropsy

Product Sales

  • Vaccines and Parasite Control Products
  • Medication
  • Fly Control Product
  • Castration/Dehorning Equipment

Small Ruminants

In addition to our bovine veterinary services, we offer high-quality medical, obstetrical and herd health services for small ruminants such as goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas. Services we offer include wellness exams, herd health, castration, dehorning, vaccinations and parasite control.


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  • "Phenomenal veterinarians and excellent service! I appreciated the care the vets and technicians took for each and every one of my animals. Their attention to detail and concern for the well being of my stock was much appreciated."
    Jamel Perkins / Gilham

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