Reproductive services have been a major emphasis in our practice for over 25 years. Listed below are the reproductive services we offer for the mare and the stallion. If you have specific questions look under Reproduction in the Ask The Doctor section of this site.

Reproductive Services for Mares:

  1. Breeding Soundness Evaluations:
    • Complete Physical Examination including weight, soundness, dental evaluation, CBC and Blood Chemistry and urinalysis.
    • Ultrasound assisted rectal examination of the reproductive tract
    • Endometrial Cytology and Culture
    • Endometrial Biopsy
    • Video Uteroscopy
    • Hormonal profiling
  2. Breeding Management with Cooled Transported Semen
  3. Breeding Management with Frozen semen
  4. Embryo Transfer:
    • Donor Recovery
    • Recipient Transfer (On-site or shipped to a third party recipient provider)
    • Superovulation

For the Stallion:

  1. Breeding Soundness Evaluation:
    • Complete Physical Examination: weight, vital signs, dentistry, blood work, EVA status
    • External Genitalia - Scrotal width and testicular mass, genital cultures for sexually transmitted disease 
    • Semen collection and evaluation
    • Gel free volume
    • Sperm concentration
    • Total sperm out put
    • Percent motility raw
    • Percent motility extended
    • Longevity Studies in various extenders at 24 & 48 hours post collection
    • Semen culture
    • Individual sperm morphology
    • Scanning electron microscopy of spermatozoa
    • Comprehensive hormone profiling
  2. Stallion collection and shipment of cooled semen
  3. Stallion collection and freezing of semen

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